Redemption Rules

  1. Based on the character (ingredients), NFT holders can receive one free portion of food per visit. Each card character (ingredients) or combination of ingredients has a corresponding numerical value, which can be used to offset the cost if the restaurant cannot provide the free food (including AYCE restaurants). The maximum value of a silver card is $15 off, the maximum value of a gold card is $30 off. This means some AYCE Menu price is $45/PP and you will be able to get up to $15 (Silver)/$30(Gold) every time you visit. This is a significant increase in value for all holders. 
  2. Restaurant requires a different number of guests per table with or without ownership of NFT. Please check with the concierge team when booking for specific locations. 
  3. All Benefits are able to be combined together for redemption during each visit beside the two annual complimentary tasting menus. NFT Welcome Drinks are allowed to be used when using the complimentary tasting menu. 
  4. Some stores might provide a special NFT tasting menu, which can be used at any time. Reservations are required for all customers for standard tasting menus at the restaurant.
  5. Only 1 complimentary tasting menu can be redeemed per visit. 
  6. Tasting menus are different for each location, please contact the concierge team to find out the various tasting menus that are available for redemption and how it would work with NFT holders. 
  7. Tasting menu is only available for NFT card holder her/himself. It’s not transferable. The tasting menu option can be only redeemed for the “Card Holder.” 
  8. To redeem any benefits, the holder must present the valid photo ID that matches the ID.
  9. Only one NFT can be used per dining group regardless how many card holders are in the same party.
  10. If a customer is redeeming a tasting menu option, other options cannot be redeemed except “Complimentary 1st Round of Drinks”.
  11. NFT Complimentary appetizer, drink and free wagyu platter offers can be only redeemed with a full dining purchase of at least $50 for your dining group. This is to prevent someone from coming in abusing the benefits without a full dining experience. 
  12. Priority reservation is based on availability of individual locations. If some locations don’t have a reservation system, our concierge team will do its best to accommodate.
  13. Free wagyu platter is not available at AYCE restaurant concepts as it’s included in the tasting menu.
  14. For AYCE restaurants, local membership discounts and NFT discounts cannot be combined. Customers must choose one discount option.
  15. A Welcome NFT Drink (Alcoholic) will be provided at AYCE Restaurants since non-alcoholic drinks are included in the tasting menu. 
  16. Any abuse of non-market priced transfers among wallets to redeem benefits will be detected and the NFT can be suspended or banned. 
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